Furniture for Small Offices

Furniture for Small Offices
When you first had a need to find office space to rent or lease, you may have had visions of a huge corner office or a large space with an abundance of room for seating areas, open workstations, and other common office features. But if what you ended up with is a space that’s a bit cozier than expected, you might assume you have limited options with your furniture. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case! Here’s how you can make the most of compact-sized furniture and space limitations.

Understand Your Budget Limitations 

Before you invest in a stunning retro desk with beautiful design features, ask yourself if you want to blow your whole budget on an awesome desk when you can find a more affordable one that’s just as appealing. Usability is also a factor worth considering. For instance, you may want to stick a small couch by your entryway, but how often will it be used? If the answer is “not all that much,” you may be able to get more bang for your buck with seating options that are more practical. Avoid budget crunches by:

• Realistically determining what you can afford to spend on furniture
• Prioritizing what you need most if you’ll need to make purchases over time
• Considering usability and function

Be Just as Mindful of Your Space Limitations If you have a small corner office on the 11th floor, a large desk or spacious couch may make the space way too cramped – or such pieces may simply not fit at all. Avoid this potential problem by taking careful measurements to get an idea of how much square footage you actually have to work with. Also, be mindful of where your windows, doors, and vents are located. There are handy apps you can use to see what certain furniture pieces will look like in your office before you actually place an order.

Consider Multi-Use or Space-Saving Pieces 

When you get ready to start making purchases, keep your everyday office activities in mind so that you make selections based on both aesthetics and function. At the same time, it can be just as important to set aside space to allow your employees to relax, brainstorm, or de-stress. So, function doesn’t have to be your only consideration. Space limitations can also be less of a distraction if you opt for multi-use or space-saving office furniture. Possibilities include:

• A desk with built-in storage
• Multi-purpose shelves – e.g., deeper shelves that can also support your printer or fax machine
• Tables with plugs built-in so you can conveniently connect your office electronics
• Portable file cabinets and/or printer carts
• Compact or corner computer desks

With a small office, it can be just as helpful to pay attention to how your office furniture is configured. Luckily, the Office Innovations team offers reconfiguration services you can take advantage of to enjoy a layout that’s perfect for your available space. We’re also at your service if you’re in need of new office furniture, or if your existing furniture needs cleaned or repaired.

Regardless of your needs and budget availability, Office Innovations is prepared to offer sensible office furniture solutions and services. Contact us today to let us know how we can help you make the most of your limited office space.

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