2019 Workplace Trend Predictions

If your goal is to create a workplace that’s comfortable, inviting, and productive, it never hurts to be aware of what’s going on with current trends. You may be surprised at where there’s room for improvement with what you already have set up now. Take a moment to explore some of the 2019 workplace trends already being embraced – and some that may be coming your way in the not-so-distant future.

Employee Well-Being

Being confined to a desk with only artificial lighting to work by is no longer the norm. More employees are demanding workplaces that are designed with their health and well-being in mind. Trends that reflect this desire include:

• Ergonomically designed office furniture
• More access to natural lighting
• Increased access to outdoor spaces for workers

Shared Workspaces (Coworking)

There is an increasing number of companies looking to acquire space to work without the need to commit to a long-term lease. One option that’s gaining popularity is the concept of coworking – defined as two or more people sharing the same workspace but not necessarily working for the same company. What this means is landlords offering this option are taking steps that may include:

• Expanding on shared amenity spaces
• Adding spaces more appealing to startup companies likely to appreciate the budget-pleasing advantages associated with coworking
• Creating multipurpose spaces that can appeal to many different types of workers

Space Usage Metrics

Square footage is what it is. However, there is an increased focus on exactly how certain spaces are being used. This collected information is being used to design workspaces in line with the DNA of the intended users of those spaces. What this could lead to are design tools that are more sophisticated so workspaces can be planned or redesigned in a highly personalized way.

AI-Enabled Technology

From scheduling meetings to producing reports, there are many ways that smart technology is being incorporated into various workplaces. As AI-based technology becomes more sophisticated, accessible, and affordable, it could have a widespread impact on how multiple work-related tasks are completed. Examples of such innovations include:

• Intercommunication platforms
• Smart space booking systems
• Customizable workplace apps

Open Workspaces

This isn’t a new concept at all. But what is new about the open-closed workspace debate is the way that such design concepts are being implemented and considered. There’s an increased awareness that workspace design isn’t black and white. In other words, what works for one interior space won’t necessarily work well for another workspace. For this reason, there has been a shift towards designing work environments based on factors that include:

• A company’s culture
• Physical requirements of workers
• The type of work that will be done

You don’t have to completely redesign your workplace to take advantage of any of the trends discussed here. One cost-effective way to update your existing space is by reconfiguring it. This is just one of several services available from Office Innovations that could help you enjoy a refreshed and productive workspace.

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