Is Your Business Growing? Be Sure Your Office Grows with It

Your business is growing and eventually, you’re likely to feel the need to expand your office too. More business equals more hires and this means you need more space for those hires to result in more business. This is a good problem to have, but there are a lot of factors to consider when moving or growing your office.

Plan For Your Future Growth

Designing and moving to a new office isn’t something you want to do repeatedly. As you look, design, and build your new space, plan for the future number of clients you want to have. Building a space that is too large could negatively impact your profit margins, while too small a space will make you have you looking to move again in the near future. Moving offices is an investment and if you are unsure about the growth trajectory of your company, consider finding a space that would allow for expansion in the future or negotiate a short-term lease.

Create an Appealing Workspace

You want to build your team with the best talent in the market. As unemployment declines, companies find themselves competing with each other to fill positions with the most desirable candidates. Designing and creating a space with forward-thinking design elements will attract who you want by sending the message that working for your will enhance their life at work. Open-concept offices with natural light, breakout spaces, and standing desks could send the message that your company cares about the well-being of its members.

Flexibility in the Workspace

If you’re growing rapidly and foresee a lot of onboarding in the near future, creating a space with an open floorplan and the use of lightweight furniture could be a major asset. This is an alternative to the monotony of the traditional workspace and would allow the space to be adjusted to facilitate new hires. This would also grant the freedom of the employees to have mobility in their workspace and to work where they feel comfortable.

The Design Approach

As mentioned above, a new space is an investment. Traditionally, the procurement of a new space approached the bid, design, and build separately. However, modern business trends suggest that a design and build company may be more beneficial, both during the build and after. They offer their services seamlessly throughout the process, and keep the design and build responsibilities under one roof.

Looking to expand your business? Office Innovations can help with all of your new office’s furnishing needs and installations today.

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