How to Choose Whiteboards for Your Company

Whiteboards are today’s chalkboards and as such, they have continued to gain momentum in replacing the original blackboards in many company meeting room settings. Whiteboards are ideal for use in meetings and continuing classes to display lesson plans and other information. If you are in the market for a whiteboard read on to find out more.

Whiteboard Type

Whiteboards come in several types, including melamine, plastic, porcelain or ceramic and glass. Melamine types are inexpensive and lightweight, making them easy to mount and a good choice for a home office on a budget. Porcelain or ceramic ones are more expensive, but offer more durability and are less porous, therefore offering less ghosting. Glass whiteboards are the premium options as they prevent unwanted ghosting and staining. Dry markers erase easily to provide long-lasting use.

Room Type Where Used

If you’re going to use the whiteboard as a projection screen, get one with a matte finish. Boards with a high-gloss finish are also difficult to read. Interactive boards that present computer and projector data need a finish that will retain attention. Consider enclosed whiteboards when you want to maintain a clean and professional look.

Mounted or Free-Standing

When the price is not a consideration, the choice between wall-mounted or free-standing can be the most important consideration. Offices with more modern configurations should favor mobile whiteboards as you can move them easily from room to room. You won’t need to worry about how to mount them, either.

When choosing your whiteboard, consider your budget, purpose, and rooms in which it will be used before making your decision. If you still don’t know which type is right for you, Office Innovations can help. Our staff has a wealth of expertise and knowledge. We’ve seen and done it all; give us a call.

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