The Importance of Office Location

The location of your business can sometimes be a determining factor in the success of a company. Everything from financial gains to the visibility of your brand is affected by where your business conducts its operations. When location is this important, you need to select a space that is great for marketing and subsequent growth. Here are four elements by which to gauge a potential location for your company.


Accessibility is not as important if your business conducts sales online. Traditional brick-and-mortar companies, however, may want to reconsider opening stores in the middle of nowhere. Retail businesses located in the middle of a vibrant area market themselves by simply being present. You have to work much harder to spread the word about your company when it is located outside of the city’s business or shopping districts.


Opening a sushi bar next to a Japanese restaurant offering the same dishes may not be the greatest plan. You might not want to position yourself so that you are in direct competition with a company that has proven itself to be a success. Consider opening your new business where the competition is low. Customers respond better when the supply is short and the demand is high.

City Ordinances and Taxes

Your state and local taxes largely depend on where your business is located. It is also important to consider zoning laws when determining the right office space since such regulations can limit your construction dreams in the future.


You may want that spot in town, but your budget may say otherwise. Renting space just outside of town may be the best option if funds are low, even if that means that you’ll have to try harder when marketing your product or service. Remember, the budget dictates all.

Give us a call when you have found the right office space. Office Innovations, Inc. has been in business for a number of years and offers complete office solutions that include installation of furniture. We are the next step in your company’s search for a new location!

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