Important Facts About Office Furniture

Office furniture isn’t just the stuff you place computers on and put out so employees and clients have a place to sit. The various components that populate office spaces and workplaces are meant to be functional and, to some extent, visually appealing. What you decide to do with or about your office furniture can also have more of an impact than you may realize. If you’re not sure how, take a moment to brush up on some very important facts about office furniture.

Boring, Uncomfortable Office Furniture Can Affect Morale 

If your office furniture isn’t inspiring, how do you expect your employees to be thrilled about their work environment? Older or uncomfortable furniture can also affect morale if it contributes to aches and pains because of a lack of sufficient support. Even if this isn’t the case, dull, boring furniture can definitely keep the office morale at a level that’s not conducive to optimal productivity.

Color Choices Can Impact Mood 

Numerous studies have shown a link between mood and color choice. Generally, brighter, vibrant colors are associated with a cheery, upbeat demeanor. Granted, certain color selections with office furniture aren’t appropriate for some businesses. However, it’s often possible to opt for shades conductive to a positive work environment.

The Right Furniture Makes Things More Convenient 

It’s not always practical to have employees constantly having to get up to reach something nearby if they’re stuck in a chair that doesn’t move. You may also have an inefficient set-up that makes it difficult to easily get files or office supplies. If this describes what routinely goes on in your office, you may benefit from office furniture that includes:

• Moveable and flexible office chairs
• Perfectly sized cabinets designed to minimize offer clutter
• Organized workstations
• Conveniently placed filing cabinets, drawers, or bookcases

Modern Office Furniture Can Create an Inviting Workplace 

You may be surprised at what your office furniture can say about your business to potential employees, new clients, or even your existing staff. Even if you’ve invested in an aggressive marketing plan designed to tell the world that your company is forward-thinking and fresh, old, rundown furniture could tell a very different tale. Modern, ergonomic styles, on the other hand, can project an image that’s more in line with the vision you have for your business.

Office Furniture Can Have Positive Health Benefits 

An office that’s well-designed with ergonomics, comfort, and support in mind is also one that’s likely to contribute to the overall health and well-being of your employees. Spine-friendly ergonomic chairs, for example, can minimize lower back strain and reduce the risk of developing chronic pain. Paying attention to ergonomics with your office furniture may also result in:

• Improved posture
• Increased mental focus
• Better circulation
• Fewer instances of employee absenteeism

Another fact to consider about office furniture is that layout matters. Ideally, you want to have the workstations, desks, file cabinets, and other pieces likely to be in a typical office to be placed in a way that allows for a steady flow of traffic. If you need some help with furniture placement, Office Innovations offers reconfiguration service. We can also take care of warranty repairs and refurbish existing furniture.

Contact us today to get any assistance you may need with office furniture selection and let us take care of delivery, installation, and assembly.

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