Increasing Motivation and Productivity with Office Design

If you are considering a new look for your office, pay close attention to the design. Contemporary design not only reflects the layout of the furniture and traffic flow, as it also accounts for the overall aesthetic and vibe. Think about how you will utilize these five elements when considering a new design to motivate your staff.


The color of office walls is key. White, while neutral, is far too stressful, not only on the psyche but also on the eyes, which are often strained from viewing computer screens all day. Consider calming colors such as lighter shades of green or blue. The latter is also good for encouraging creativity.


Sounds are distracting, especially in big cities where something also seems to be going on outside. Soundproof your office as much as possible if it is within your budget. Other possibilities include playing calming music to muffle or cancel out unwanted noises and offering employees the ability to wear headphones during the day to help keep them on task.


Touch, which includes comfort, has many different factors. Although metal and plastic furniture can be economical, try to avoid them as these substances are cold and uncomfortable. They also amplify sound, adding to distraction. Go for ergonomic chairs that have lumbar support for employee desks. Also, consider ambient temperature. Environments that are too hot or too cold are difficult places in which to work.


Often not thought of as an element for office design, office smell is becoming big business for scent marketing companies. Us candles diffusers and even humidifiers with scents like lemon, orange, and rosemary to create a pleasing environment.


Lunchrooms are favorite places to gather because of the sense of taste. If you offer free snacks or meals, avoid items that are sugar- or carb-heavy. Although they can provide a temporary pick-me-up, these foods will result in energy crashes later in the day.

Are you searching for productive design ideas? Let the team at Office Innovations help when planning your next office redesign and furniture purchase.

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