Maximizing Small Offices with Extra Storage

Some people are perfectly happy with a smaller office. The downside with having a more limited workspace, however, is the potential for clutter to become a distraction or a source of frustration over time. Still, it’s not always easy to find storage space when you don’t have that much square footage to work with. Make this task an achievable goal by exploring the following solutions as you maximize the space you have to work with in your small office.

Embrace Doors, Cabinets, and Panels

The first piece of advice often given when there is a desire to make the most of limited space is to declutter. But even after you get rid of unnecessary stuff, you may be left with office essentials that still make your professional space look cluttered.

One solution is to look for office furniture with doors, cabinets, and panels. These stylish concealed storage pieces can be used for many purposes in a small office, such of which include:

• A hiding place for spare computer parts and components
• A place to stash office supplies
• A safe spot to keep personal items out of sight yet within reach

Think Vertically 

If your floor space is limited width-wise, take advantage of your vertical space instead! Wall-mounted storage, for example, is a great way to work up without making your smaller office cluttered. If you have a flat desk without existing attachments, another option is to add hooks, holders, and board racks to it to give yourself some extra storage space.

One other possibility is to use smaller, portable cabinets that can be placed under higher tables or shelves. This way you’ll get extra storage without using more floor space.

Invest in Multi-Functional Office Furniture 

Get the most out of your office furniture when you have a small office by looking for pieces that can serve multiple functions. For instance, you might opt for workstations that also have room for storage. You could also choose a desk with multiple drawers and built-in outlets or USB ports, or you might consider a bookshelf that also has lower drawers.

Reconfiguration service from Office Innovations can also help you make better use of smaller spaces. Our results-driven project managers will gladly help you find a layout that makes your smaller office more efficient. We also have a fully insured warehouse available if you want to free up some space in a practical and affordable way. If you ultimately decide that you’re too limited on space and an office move is your best option, we can help you out with the relocation process as well!

Contact us today to take advantage of our budget-pleasing services and solutions.

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