Office Furniture Life Span

Office Furniture Life Span
Office furniture is usually one of those things that’s not given much thought until there are clear signs suggesting it’s time to consider making some new purchases. Even so, you may not be sure when it’s actually a good time to invest in new office furniture, especially if you have concerns about your budget. To help you with this decision process, here’s a closer look at the typical lifespan of certain key pieces of office furniture.

Office Chairs 

If an office chair is used for approximately 40 hours a week, it should last about 7-10 years. The lifespan of office chairs will also depend on things like the type of materials used and exposure to sunlight. With chairs that have leather or fabric, it’s best to consider replacement once you start seeing signs of wear around armrests and cushions. Office chairs also tend to be at the end of their lifespan if:

• They start becoming uncomfortable
• Employees begin complaining of back pain and other chair-related aches and pains
• Customers and other office visitors start making not-so-flattering comments about your chairs

Office Desks 

Office desks typically last longer than chairs, which means a quality desk might last for a decade or more. The lifespan of desks will also depend on factors such as the type of desk it is and the frequency of use. Generally, it’s a good idea to consider replacing office desks if you start to notice scratches, loose or wobbly legs, or finish that’s faded or worn away completely in certain spots.

Conference Tables 

Conference tables are usually not used as often as office chairs and desks, so they tend to have a fairly lengthy lifespan. However, you may need to consider replacing your conference tables if you notice the following issues:

• Lack of access points to conceal wiring, especially if you have a need to hook up certain pieces of equipment
• Insufficient room to comfortably seat everyone on your staff
• Signs of fading or stains that can’t be concealed or removed

Lastly, office furniture may also be at the end of its lifespan if it clearly looks out of date or if you make other changes to your office and your furniture no longer fits in. Also, keep in mind that when you do make the decision to invest in new office furniture, you can make your purchases over time by getting what you need most first. In the meantime, upholstery cleaning may help breathe new life into your older furniture. Another possibility is to consider refurbishing some of your existing furniture. Fortunately, we provide both of these services and much more! We can also lend a hand with delivery, installation, and assembly.

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