Office Innovations: Who Are We?

We recently got an opportunity to sit down with Chris LeCalsey, co-owner and executive vice president of Office Innovations, Inc., to get a better understanding of who the OI team consists of, how they work, and what separates their work culture from the rest.

How many employees does Office Innovations currently have?

☑ We have 14 employees.

What kind of culture does Office Innovations bring to the table?

☑ Our corporate culture stems from the way we do our hiring, which is different from the hiring process applied by most companies in our industry. There are thorough background checks and screenings to ensure without a doubt that we have a quality team. We could have more employees if we wanted, but we value quality over quantity. This provides us with better employee retention, and much more dependable outcomes on projects. Our guys are committed to doing the work as a team, and each member brings their own individual strengths to the table. We have various levels of experience and skills among our team members, starting with the project managers and funneling down from there. Each and every truck has a team leader, and the majority of our drivers are very capable project managers.

On that note, how exactly do you go about hiring employees?

☑ A good portion of the work we do is for armed forces branches (primarily Navy), as well as the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and ICE, among other governmental agencies. So in order to work with them, we have to be sure we provide a thorough background check for each potential hire. It’s important that we get them on to job sites with all of their pre-screening done up front. It’s a demanding job, so for someone to be here a long time, there are many processes and expectations that they must first become familiar with. Our people work all across the southeast, and sometimes even through weekends or holidays. Our dedication to our craft is unwavering. 

You mentioned your work with government agencies and military branches. Tell us how you got in to that.

☑ As most already know, Jacksonville is a big Navy town, so by default that was the kickstarter. There’s a marine corps facility just outside of Jacksonville, and there’s a nuclear sub base as well. So that was how we got our foot in the door as far as military branches are concerned. As I mentioned before, you can imagine the screening process to get our employees in there, and it’s well worth it to be able to work with people that we respect and value as much as we do.

If we ask an employee why they love to work at Office Innovations, what will they say?

☑ All of the guys in here are result oriented. They like to see that instant manifestation of their work. They really like smaller jobs in particular, where the project turnover and variation is more frequent. You can tell when someone enjoys being here. Everyone that represents Office Innovations is greatly proud of their work and not one of them is just here to collect a paycheck. We’re a group of people that are precise, ambitious, knowledgeable and accountable, with a keen eye for attention to detail.


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