How An Office Lounge Can Help Rejuvenate Your Culture

A work environment doesn’t have to be a no-fun zone. Sure, you need to focus on productivity and doing what’s ultimately best for your bottom line. However, office culture can play a big role in how happy and productive your staff is and what kind of impression you make on potential and existing clients. One smart and effective way to bring a little fun into your workspaces, in a way that’s appropriate, is with an office lounge.

Why Creating a ‘Fun Zone’ Matters

Today’s employees, customers, and clients don’t always want to walk into an office that’s all business all the time. In fact, one survey found that 90 percent of respondents agreed that company culture can impact just about everything, including:

• Employee productivity and creativity
• Customer attraction and retention
• The ability to attract and retain top talent

A positive workplace culture can even affect profits. Thanks to survey results like this, more companies are infusing some fun into their workspaces. A good place to start is with an office lounge.

Creating the Right Mood with Lounge Seating

Another way an office lounge can rejuvenate your office culture is by creating a more relaxed and comfortable style. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. Residential-style seating, for example, can offer a gentle reminder of a more relaxed home environment in a way that’s still professional. Some other arrangement possibilities include:

• Campfire lounge systems with creative configurations
• A cozy seating island
• A serpentine-style arrangement

Allowing for Flexibility

Fun spaces in a work environment also need to be as flexible as possible. After all, there’s still a need to get work done. X-base chairs and campfire ottomans, for example, are lounge area pieces that can also be picked up and moved around when there is a need to quickly change the setup for, say, a meeting or brainstorming session. Asymmetrical tables can also allow for flexibility with space usage. There are many elements that can be included in an office lounge, some of which include:

• Freestanding storage units
• Fun, lounge-style furniture with built-in storage
• Shelves for games, puzzles, or magazines for employees to enjoy while on their breaks – also a great way to create a fun, relaxing lounge-style waiting area of customers, patients, or clients!

Not sure how a lounge might fit into your current layout? Take advantage of our reconfiguration services to determine how your layout can be adjusted to create a more productive and inviting workspace. If you do opt to create a lounge area, the Office Innovations team is also at your service if you need new furniture delivered and installed. Do you have an existing lounge area that needs some updating? If so, an affordable option is furniture refurbishing.

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