Open Office Space Advantages and Disadvantages

While many companies are embracing the notion of long tables serving as workstations, some businesses still appreciate and even require the insularity of cubicle spaces. In many respects, the type of physical environment a company creates for its employees is dependent on the company’s culture.

Open Space Advantages
One of the greatest benefits of open spaces is the opportunity for collaboration. It is relatively easy for a worker to express his ideas to a colleague who is sitting directly across from him. Such communication becomes a bit more complicated when the creative has to get up from his seat and walk over to his co-worker just to share his thoughts about a project. Open spaces, then, have the potential to bolster collaboration in the workplace, which can lead to greater productivity.

Another advantage of an open environment is mobility. This benefit is more of a perk for the company as it becomes easier to rearrange furniture that is not bolted to the ground. Corporations can make the work environment more exciting by investing in tables and chairs on wheels. Switching furniture around now and again adds a sense of dynamism to the workplace.

The Great Disadvantage of Open Spaces
Perhaps the most significant con associated with open spaces is privacy. Some employees need their own space in order to be productive. Clustering everyone together presents the problem of distractions that may lead to low productivity levels.

Mixing the Old With the New
In some cases, companies will place entry-level employees in what they call the main working area where shared tables are used for close collaboration and to foster company cohesiveness. Those who have mid-level positions within the company are given cubicles, while employees holding senior positions are awarded personalized offices. This tiered method could work to the company’s advantage as those holding entry-level positions work harder in hopes of one day having private offices of their own. However, the best scenario is still the one where every employee is able to work in the space that strikes just the right kind of balance between personal well-being and productivity.

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