Preparing Your Workplace for the Next Generation

When you are searching for talent in today’s workforce, there is a significant chance that you will be interviewing millennials. As of 2015, millennials are the largest demographic in the workforce and as companies expand, they need to understand and design their spaces to attract this age group.

Open Concept Floorplans

The millennial generation thrives on communicating and collaborating with their coworkers. Creating an open space with several options for collaboration with their teammates will inspire creativity and allow coworkers to talk freely at work. Standing desks, lounge areas, and low-rise cubicle spaces attract the millennial mentality.

Choose Adaptable Furniture

Millennials tend to be health-conscious and are a generation that would rather move around than sit in a cubicle or a chair all day. Not only should you fill your workspace with different options for them to sit but also for places for them to stand. Standing or convertible desks will increase the amount of movement in your office and will show new hires or potential recruits that your company cares about the well-being of its team. Adaptable furniture examples:

Support All Personalities

While you have extroverted people no matter what the demographic, you also will have introverted millennials who will need to work in privacy or in a more isolated environment. There are also tasks that require more focus than others and everyone reacts differently to workplace stimuli. Creating high-walled cubicle spaces or isolated corner work areas can help cater to all personality types and allow for an array of different workflow environments within one space.

Create a Flexible Atmosphere

As trends are changing, so is the nature of the workplace vibe and attire. Millennials are attracted to more casual spaces with a less rigid structure. A person who feels more comfortable in their surroundings is more efficient, productive, and creative. However, a con of creating too casual an environment is the risk that comes with a lack of structure: that employees may experience a lack of motivation. Keep this in mind when creating your office environment.

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