Standing Up for Raised Desks

For many workers, hours spent sitting are coupled with more time sitting during the commute to and from work and at home during off hours. An increasingly popular way to encourage less sitting – which has been called “the new smoking” because of the health-related problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle – and more flexibility and movement in the workplace is with raised desks. If you’re new to this concept, keep reading to learn more.

What Exactly is a Raised Desk?

A raised desk is similar to a standard desk as far as appearance goes. The main difference is that its height can be adjusted high enough to allow it to be used while standing. As with other desks, raised desks come in a variety of styles and designs, which means they can easily fit into any workspace.

What Are Potential Workplace Benefits?

There are several studies confirming the potential health benefits associated with standing more often. However, not too many employees like the idea of standing for the duration of their workday. A happy medium is a sit-stand desk, which allows the desk to be adjusted throughout the day. Some of the maim benefits associated with sit-to-stand desks include:

• Increased productivity
• A natural inclination to sit less during the workday – according to one study that included the use of smart cushions to track sitting time
• Reduced daily anxiety and fatigue
• Increased enthusiasm, interest, and alertness
• More stable blood sugar levels after eating
• Reduced back and shoulder pain

How Do You Make the Raised Desk Transition?

Going from an office with traditional desks to one with raised desks can be a less stressful process if you have a transition phase. You might do this by encouraging employees to raise their desk for 30 minutes to an hour each day for the first weeks. They can then gradually increase their time spent standing based on what’s comfortable for them.

If raised desks are right for your workplace, the Office Innovations team can lend a hand with installation and setup. Ready to go a step further and make your office designed for optimal movement and flow? We offer convenient reconfiguration services you can take advantage of to adjust your office layout.

Warranty repairs and the refurbishing of existing office furniture are just some of the additional services we offer. Contact us today to explore your office furniture options.

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