Stay Ahead of the Curve: Office Design Trends for 2020

Designing offices for rapidly evolving technologies in the 2020 workforce is challenging. Business operations and functions are increasingly complex, and if you’ve not updated your office recently, now is the ideal time to evaluate your current office design and make proactive decisions about changes.

As you meet with your team to discuss new office layouts and best practices, consider these new trends in office design.

Natural Lighting

Human beings are drawn to natural light, but it’s also essential for health. Exposure to natural lighting is an easy benefit to provide to your employees, and it’s a win/win because they’ll also be more productive.


Sustainable design isn’t going anywhere and it has become essential as issues such as climate change and consumption take center stage. Being proactive now will save companies money later.

Ideas for sustainable offices:

  • Natural stone, bricks, and wood
  • Minimally processed products and materials
  • Green spaces
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Upcycled furniture

Community for Remote Teams

Many businesses have remote workers or local staff who work remotely part of the time. To keep teams connected, companies need to reimagine their office spaces to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.

Ideas for Community for Remote Teams:

  • Indoor-outdoor blurred transitions
  • Plus, soft elements
  • Home-styled fixtures
  • Collaborative environments

Unconventional Spaces

Unconventional office spaces—also known as “third spaces”— are more popular than ever. A bonus to embracing this trend is that you’ll make use of every inch of space in your office.

Ideas for Unconventional Spaces:

  • Nooks and crannies
  • Corridors
  • Open spaces under stairs
  • Window ledges

Modern Modular

The open office concept continues to be popular in modern offices. With that said, businesses are on the lookout for ways to provide their staff with private, personalized spaces that are conducive to focusing on projects.

A part of the modern modular design trend is functional furniture, which helps employees stan active, creative, and productive.

Ideas for modern modular design:

  • Standing desks
  • Drafting tables
  • Insulate phone booths
  • Benching workstations
  • Exercise and ergonomic furniture

A New Decade

America’s workforce has entered an exciting new decade. Are you interested in incorporating these trends into your office space? We can help. Contact Office Innovations today.

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