Strategies for Designing Office Spaces That Support Teamwork

Teamwork is the driving force of many office cultures these days. There’s often a need for employees to collaborate with co-workers in different work areas, or for smaller groups to get together and brainstorm or complete projects. In order to support teamwork, you’ll need an office space designed with this purpose in mind. Here are some strategies to consider if this is the type of office design that’s right for your business.

Create an Open Space

With an open space, you’ll use items like low-profile workstations, tables and chairs, and a general clutter-free design. What this does is create transparency and foster a feeling of community. An open design supports teamwork by:

• Encouraging different teams to mingle
• Increasing understanding of the roles of each team
• Promoting the sharing of ideas

Opt for Half-Open Spaces

For times when small groups will need to work together, create some half-open spaces. One way to do this is with cozy, semi-private seating areas or unconventional half-open seating areas with features such as chairs hanging by ropes or chains. Low-profile divisions can be created with movable partitions or small groups of plants strategically placed on tables.

Set Up Team Meeting Rooms

In many work environments, there’s a need to have separate team meetings. One way to do this in a way that supports teamwork is to use glass walls to divide meeting room spaces. Consider setting up tables and chairs so they can be rearranged to fit different needs and purposes. The rooms can also be used to chat with clients or used spontaneously if there’s a need to solve project-related or technical issues.

Design an Inviting Cafeteria

If you want to extend the teamwork concept beyond your work areas, consider setting up a cafeteria instead of a small kitchen area. Doing so will allow different team members to causally meet and get to know one another while on breaks or enjoying their lunchtime.

Set Movable Workstations

One other option to consider is setting up your workstations so they can be rearranged and moved as desired. This isn’t appropriate for every work environment. However, if you decide to allow work locations to be intermittently changed, make it easy to do so with:

• Desks with retractable legs
• Comfortable, uniform chairs that can be moved to any area of your workspace
• Similar workstation accessories so laptops and other essentials can be easily moved and reconnected

Need some help with implementing your design strategy? Let Office Innovations help. We offer reconfiguration services you’re welcome to take advantage of if you expert assistance as you create a layout that’s more conducive to teamwork. If your redesigned office spaces need a few new additions, we’ll gladly delivery and set up anything you may want to add to your work environment.

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