Tips & Tricks for Organizing Your Workspace

Some people justify office clutter by claiming it’s conducive to the creative process. Unfortunately, potential or existing employees, customers, and/or clients may not feel the same way if they come across a messy office environment. You may further blame a lack of organization on space limitations. However, there’s no denying the fact that an orderly, organized workspace tends to spur productivity and eliminate unnecessary or embarrassing distractions. Here are some workspace organization tips and tricks for your consideration.


Start with a workspace purge. Go through each area in your work environment and get rid of unnecessary things. You may be surprised at how much space you can free up with a good decluttering. Generally, “unnecessary” in typical workspaces refers to:

• Removing unused/unnecessary furniture
• Getting rid of clearly outdated items
• Removing unused files, or putting them aside so they can be stored elsewhere if you need to keep them for business reasons

Use Colors and Labels 

A surprising amount of time can be wasted just trying to find stuff on shelves or in folders, bins, and drawers. Simplify this process by adopting a labeling and color system for your workspaces. This can make it easier for everyone to know where to put and find important documents and other items.

Make Storage Bins/Boxes Your Best Friends 

Group and label your office items, and then place them in appropriate storage bins or boxes. Doing so can also streamline the process of keeping track of your office inventory. You might even be able to avoid unnecessary re-ordering!

Plastic storage organizers or cups used for things like paperclips, pens, stationery, or files can also be used to make desks more orderly. The same concept can be applied to any desks or workstations where laptops or PCs are used.

Segment Your Workspaces 

Yes, there are many times when having a computer within each reach is absolutely necessary. However, there are also times when being in a space with fewer distractions can make it easier to have meetings, brainstorm, or sign important papers.

Make it easier for everyone on your team to carry out specific functions or tasks by segmenting your workspace into different zones. You might do this by creating the following “zones”:

• A separate computer station
• A quiet seating area where discussions can take place
• A non-computer zone where non-electronic, computer, or device work can take place

Organizing your workspace sometimes makes it clear that you need certain furniture updates or additions. If you have a limited budget, refurbishing what you already have can be a smart way to make your office environment more pleasing. If a layout is the main issue, you’ll definitely appreciate our reconfiguration service. The Office Innovations team can also help you out if you need upholstery cleaning or new furniture delivered and installed.

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