3 Workplace Hacks To Improve Productivity

Productivity is the goal for any work environment. While aesthetics may inspire customers to try a product, it is the ability of employees to follow through with obligations that keep clients coming back for more. It is impossible to adequately discuss productivity without looking into the art of organization and employee rejuvenation on the job. Here, then, are a few hacks that both managers and staff may use throughout the day.

1. Sit and stand during the workday

Many employees with sedentary jobs are so focused on the tasks ahead that they forget to walk around while between projects. The human body was designed to be athletic, which means that eight, or even six, hours of sitting leads to adverse effects. A worker may find that his mind wanders while seated or that his back aches to the extent of him needing to go home early. Standing up at least once per hour is a great way to counter the effects of sedentary working. Workers should also set out to get at least thirty minutes of aerobic activity per day.

2. Look away and re-focus

Managers have tricked some workers into believing the lie that focusing on a task produces results. While it is true that concentration is the ultimate key to efficiency, the mind can only give its undivided attention to a function for so long. Employees can avoid fatigue by looking away from the computer screen every twenty minutes for at least twenty seconds. The idea is to stare at an object that is at least twenty feet away to take the attention entirely away from the task at hand.

3. Use binders, clips

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on objects meant to help you stay organized. Employees only need binders, clips and mason jars to keep everything in order. On Pinterest, there is a wealth of information on office organization.

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