5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Office Remodeling

Many businesses, especially ones accustomed to focusing on the bottom line, have a tendency to overlook the need for an office remodel until it becomes painfully obvious to both employees and potential clients or customers that it’s time for an update. Even if you have a limited budget, a well-planned office remodel can contribute to a more appealing and productive workplace. If you’re not sure if it’s the right time for an office makeover, consider the following signs that it’s time to update your office.

1. Your Office Furniture Looks Old and Worn

The most obvious sign that it’s time for an office remodel is the impression you get when you take a good look at your various office spaces. Are you seeing visible wear and tear in high-traffic areas? Does your office furniture look dated or faded? If your honest answer is “yes” to these questions, then it’s time to consider office remodeling.

2. You Avoid Holding Client Meetings In Your office

There are valid reasons for suggesting holding a meeting at a location other than your office, such as a lack of sufficient space for the expected number of attendees. However, if the “secret” reason for not regularly having client meetings in your office is because you know your professional environment is less than impressive, it’s time to make some improvements.

3. Your Office Doesn’t Reflect Your ‘Brand Image’

Your furniture and the general look and feel of your office should be a reflection of your brand and the image you are trying to project to clients and your employees. For example, a law firm should have professional looking furniture that’s elegant yet not overly decorative. However, an ad agency or tech-based business might be better served with casual furniture that’s more eclectic and expressive. If your office furniture isn’t in line with how you want your brand to be perceived, consider making some adjustments.

4. You’re Not Attracting or Retaining Your Preferred Employees

It’s a more competitive job market these days, which means potential team members often consider more than just the basics like salary and hours. Millennials, in particular, often consider the overall office atmosphere when considering where they prefer to work. Ideally, your office should feel like a place where somebody who is perfect for your team would be right at home. Obvious signs you’re not achieving this goal include a high turnover rate and an inability to generate sufficient engagement from your preferred employees.

5. Your Office Layout Prohibits Effective Communication

Offices sometimes need remodeling because of the overall layout. At one time, it was common practice to set up cubicles and partitions in a way that kept everyone within their area or department. Today, however, most employees prefer open workspaces that are conductive to communication and seamless interaction. If your office is lacking this type of flow, a remodel that includes adjustments to furniture placement could provide much appreciate improvements with teamwork, creativity, and productivity.

Fortunately, office remodeling is not a daunting task when you partner with a skilled and highly experienced team such as the team from Office Innovations. Whether you only need new desks and workspaces or it’s time for a major office overhaul from waiting areas to individual offices, we deliver and install a wide range of products ideal for any type of office style or configuration.

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