5 Tips on How to Create an Organic Workspace

Organic workspaces combine several elements to create unique and customized spaces so no two organic workspaces will ever look exactly alike. For efficiency and comfort, consider the following questions and grab a few tips to make your office a successful and productive place for employees.

1. What are the options for natural light?

Organic workspaces need natural light to flow throughout the rooms. Visually pleasing workspaces have been shown to improve productivity. Are there walls where your workers could be looking out windows? Knock them out and let the light shine through!

2. What’s your company’s culture?

Does your company pride itself on its start-up roots? Add some flair with cushions and bright colors. If your company is more conservative, consider leather chairs for a conference room. Does your workspace need a prestigious conference room to meet with clients or a bohemian hub where employees can gather to collaborate? Make sure your company’s brand is maintained throughout the space.

3. Are your workers comfortable with flexible spaces?

One of the key parts of organic workspaces is the inclusion of flexibility, like modular walls, temporary borders, and easy sliding doors that can be moved depending on day-to-day needs.

4. Are you up-to-date on ergonomic necessities?

If your employees spend a lot of time at computers, it’s essential to have ergonomic chairs, monitors at the correct height, and tools that work with the human body and not against it. Avoid problems with repetitive stress injuries by ensuring your office has the latest ergonomic equipment.

5. Which employees need privacy?

Depending on your company’s culture, an open office workspace might not be the best option. Organic workspaces take into consideration privacy needs, as well as noise levels that might impede a person’s work. You can find great privacy barriers to address these needs.

Are you ready to create or update your organic workspace? Office Innovations can install the furniture you need to create the space that you need.

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