6 Strategies to Help You Perform Better Under Pressure

Science has proven several times over that stress is detrimental to health and productivity. Judgment and attention to detail are clouded when a person feels too much stress. We have 6 strategies to help keep your stress levels down at work.

1. Understand that threats are opportunities
There is no such thing as a hazard in business. Every threat to your company or trade is an opportunity for you to improve your craft. Viewing potential obstacles as such can cause self-doubt, which may lead to poor performance. You should always remind yourself that threats are temporary challenges that will make you stronger.

2. Opportunities are abundant
There are few times when an opportunity is a matter of career success or suicide. You should view a big opportunity as one of many that will come your way.

3. Relieve performance anxiety
Yes, landing the account is a big deal. You don’t have to remind yourself of this truth every five minutes, though. The more weight that you place on a meeting, the more tension that you will feel, and the stronger likelihood of you performing poorly. Consider your presentation as minimal in comparison with the preparation that you have put into the situation.

4. Keep focus
Throw the big picture out of the window and focus on the task at hand. And then take a step back and view the big picture to gain a proper perspective. And then take an even bigger step back and think of the situation in the larger context of your whole life.

5. Remain positive
Negative thoughts cause you to stall in the middle of productivity. Don’t let anxiety and fear of failure creep in and claim the bulk of your day.

6. Look north
Prepare for the eventuality that things go south and formulate a plan B. Ask yourself a series of “What-if” questions that force you to have solutions to problems that could arise.

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