Accounting for Technology in Your Office Design

Amazing office furniture that’s in line with current trends isn’t going to help much with office productivity if you’re not also paying attention to technology. This is why your office design should be one that incorporates technology in a way that’s appropriate for your staff and the nature of your business. Here’s a closer look at the connection between technology and office design.

Making Agile Working Work

In order to have a truly flexible work environment where your staff can pick up and move from one spot to another, the right technology needs to be in place. This can be done with electrical outlets placed strategically throughout the workspace. There are even bookcases, tables, and desks that have USB ports and outlets included in a way that’s more discrete – yet still conveniently accessible.

Fostering Creativity

If your office is a law firm or a medical practice, it’s obviously not practical to create play and relaxation areas like Google does in some of its offices. But if you have an office where creativity is linked to productivity, you may benefit from an office design that includes:

• Comfy couches and chairs
• Cozy conversation nooks
• Hammocks and other out-of-the-box features

Finding the Right Software

Mobile apps and other types of software definitely have the power to foster productivity and communication in a modern office. Apps can even be used by employees to remotely check the availability of physical office resources. For instance, a staff member working at home for the first half of their day can remotely book a meeting room for use later in the day when they come into the office.

Freeing Up Creativity with Automation

Some people hear the word “automation” and think of robots ready to take their jobs. However, there are some friendlier and less competitive forms of automation designed to complete routine tasks. The appropriate use of automation means you can focus on office design features that allow for:

• Social interactions
• More collaboration
• Increased freedom to be creative and expressive

When it comes to putting together an all-encompassing office design that’s the right mix of comfort, function, and technology, the Office Innovations team is well-prepared to help you get everything set up in a way that’s right for your needs. With installation, we can even help you set up your AV equipment. We’ve also got you covered if you want to rearrange what you already have.

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