The Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

On average, employees in the U.S. spend about eight hours per day sitting behind a desk. This is just one reason why ergonomic office furniture can be a smart, much-appreciated investment. In fact, sitting is often referred to as “the new smoking” because of how long periods of being parked in the same position can affect posture and contribute to numerous aches and pains, some of which could result in missed days of work. Let’s take a moment to explore the benefits of ergonomic office furniture.

Reduced Worker Pain/Injuries

Ergonomic office furniture is designed with the human body in mind, which means your employees could benefit from less pain as they go about their workday. Standing desks, for example, prevent over-stressing of the lower back area, and supportive keyboard/mouse sets are designed to protect wrists. Health-related benefits associated with ergonomic furniture also include:

• Improved posture
• Restored spinal alignment
• Fewer work-related injuries for office workers
• Reduced risk of developing arthritis and similar joint/soft tissue conditions

Increased Employee Productivity

When employees are not in pain or dealing with injuries, they’re more productive! Ergonomically designed office furniture is also designed with optimal comfort and support in mind, which makes it easier for workers to focus on their various tasks. Fewer work-related injuries also mean fewer days missed from work.

Improved Worker Satisfaction

Investing in ergonomic office furniture sends a message to your employees that you care about their physical and mental well-being. By making the extra effort to make sure your workers are comfortable and healthy, you’ll likely benefit from:

• Higher employee satisfaction ratings
• Better worker retention rates
• An ability to attract new hires with an appreciation for businesses that clearly show they care about their workers

Once you pick out the right ergonomically designed furniture for your office, let the Office Innovations team deliver, install, and assemble it. Our reconfiguration services can be a perfect complement to an ergonomic update, especially if you are looking to improve the overall efficiency of other aspects of your workspace. We can also reupholster existing ergonomically designed furniture you may have if it needs a facelift.

Contact us today to talk to one of our friendly staff members about your office furniture needs.

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