Benefits of Ergonomics in the Workplace

Ergonomics simply means designing or arranging workplaces so they better suit the people who use them on a regular basis. It’s an important concept because many of today’s typical workplace activities involve many hours spent sitting, typing, and staring at computer screens. Unfortunately, such postures and habits aren’t all that good for overall health. This is where ergonomics comes into play. Still need some convincing? Here are five benefits of ergonomics in the workplace.

1. Improving Physical Safety

Setting up office furniture in a way that work’s with the natural flow of your workspaces does more than just improve aesthetics. By doing things like making smarter use of space with customized storage solutions, tucking computer cords out of the way, and making it easier for everyone to get around, you’ll also be minimizing potential tripping and falling hazards.

2. Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders

A lack of proper ergonomics can mean sitting for hours in awkward positions. It can also contribute to added pressure on joints and important muscle groups that affect range of motion and flexibility. The solution can be as simple as using ergonomically designed chairs that conform to the spine’s natural curvature. And adjustable-height workstations, desks, and tables can allow for more flexibility with sitting and standing positions, which is something else that’s good for your bones, muscles, and joints.

3. Increasing Overall Workplace Movement

It’s been said that sitting is the new smoking in terms of what it can do to your health, especially when parked at a desk all day. Giving your employees the option to stand and sit periodically throughout your day means they’ll be able to move more. Potential benefits of increased movement for employees include:

• Fewer instances of lower back pain
• Improved circulation
• Reduced risk of experiencing chronic pain

4. Boosting Motivation and Performance

From an economic point of view, paying attention to workplace ergonomics can mean fewer sick days or instances of short-term or long-term disability for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or serious back-related issues. Better ergonomics can even make it easier to attract employees and retain the ones you have, which is more good news for your ROI and bottom line.

5. Accommodating Multiple Abilities and Needs

The great thing about ergonomically designed office solutions is that layouts and configurations can easily be changed to accommodate different employee needs. And if circumstances change in the future, oftentimes all that’s necessary is the addition of a few matching components. If this isn’t the case, replacements that match your other office furniture can always be ordered.

While many Fortune 500 companies are embracing workplace ergonomics, it’s a concept that can be just as beneficial for smaller businesses working with limited profit margins looking to improve efficiency and create a healthier, more productive environment. Another good thing about ergonomics is that you can do it in phases in a way that fits in well with your budget.

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