Is Your Business Growing? Here are Some Office Design Strategies to Keep in Mind

Having a growing business is certainly something worth celebrating. After all, it’s a sign you’re doing things right! Your business growth may even have you considering an office relocation or redesign of your existing space. If this is what’s on your agenda right now, here are some office design strategies to keep in mind.

Anticipate Your Growth

Plan your office design based on both your current and anticipated growth. This is helpful because you don’t want to build an office with more space than you’ll need anytime soon. On the flip side, you don’t want to invest in an office design you’ll outgrow too fast. Find a happy medium by projecting your anticipated growth for at least the next five years.

Base Your Office Design on Your Company Culture

If you haven’t yet clearly defined your company culture, use the need to invest in a new or updated office design as an excuse to do so. Having a good idea of what your company stands for and what matters most to the people who work for you will make it easier to reflect those elements in your office design.

Choose a Design That Will Attract New Talent

You’ll benefit more from an office design that appeals to the type of top-notch employees you wish to attract as your growth continues. One way to do this is with a forward-thinking approach to office design that includes:

• More natural light
• “Breakout spaces” to reduce workplace stress
• A good flow that encourages collaboration in a comfortable and convenient way

Make your Workspace Flexible

There’s likely to be a lot of activity within a growing workspace. Create an office space designed with flexibility in mind so your staff is able to be active and productive in many different ways. Possibilities include:

• De-mountable walls
• Mobile screens
• Moveable whiteboards
• Lightweight furniture that can be easily moved where it’s needed

Don’t Forget About Technology and Other Office Design Trends

Your office design strategy for your growing business should also incorporate technology that could benefit your employees along with some of the more popular office design trends today. Options to consider include:

• Creating workstations that can be used by different employees at different times (hot-desking)
• Updated video conferencing capabilities
• Online collaboration tools to allow for remote working
• Motion sensors so your staff can tell when meeting rooms and other spaces are available

If an office rebuild or relocation is what ends up being the right move for your growing business, the Office Innovations team is here to help. We have short-term and long-term storage options available you can take advantage of during your relocation. We can also help reconfigure your existing layout to better meet your current needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can be an important asset for your growing business.

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