Chris Shares His Top 10 Tips For Success

Building a business is not easy. We asked Chris for his top ten tips for building a successful furniture installation business and he had the following tips to share:

· Consistency – Be known for being able to produce predictable and dependable results regardless of the job or customer. It is a huge part of our reputation.

· Availability – Always be ready and available to assist customers with site visits, inventories, measurements. Offer to do the legwork others can’t or won’t.

· Quality Employees – Hire only the best people. Lowing your standards to fill roles is a poor reflection of the reputation you want to preserve.

· Responsiveness – Quick quote responses and timely reporting make any geographic distance irrelevant. It gives your customer an advantage over competitors.

· Integrity – Own up to your mistakes and rectify them immediately. Mistakes happen but how they are handled is what separates us from the rest of our competitors.

· HonestyNever over-promise. Be frank and upfront about your capabilities. Telling a customer one thing and being incapable of execution is a recipe for disaster.

· Commitment – Once you make a commitment, do whatever needs to be done to execute it regardless of circumstances. “A promise made is a promise kept”.

· Innovate – Train your staff to find solutions and create a resolution to issues. Innovation is integral to a successful installation process. Be problem solvers.

· Communicate – Be proactive and make sure to check in routinely throughout the process. Ask questions and plan ahead. Do whatever you can to avoid REACTING to the unforeseen. Always have a “Plan B” and a “Plan C” before you get started. Treat projects like a chess match.

· Follow-Up – Make sure you have answered questions and handled any lingering issues. Make sure the customer is taken care of to the best of your ability.

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