Corporate Social Responsibility

Times have changed, and customers are looking for more than just a good product. Buyers expect the companies that they support to be positive forces in society, which is why the notion of corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to grow in influence.

It is quite challenging to make the best impact and attract an abundance of clients without having social responsibility intertwined in your company’s seams. What is the notion of CSR, though? And, just how important is the concept?

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

When you think of social responsibility from a business perspective, you may only consider the idea of massive donations to nonprofit organizations. While philanthropy efforts are viewed as socially responsible, they are not the only means by which you can show your desire to help the community.

Many small business owners earn social points by volunteering their time on the weekends. In fact, some individuals value volunteer efforts over corporate donations because they are more personable. Anyone can write a check to support a cause. It takes a special person, though, to roll up their sleeves and help push the movement forward. Volunteering is a sure way to show social responsibility.

How Important Is CSR?

Some companies place community efforts at the bottom of their list of “to-do” things. Entrepreneurs should, however, reconsider such ordering of events as both customers and prospective employees view a company’s track record in the community before patronizing it for goods, services, or even employment. You cannot expect to take your company to its highest heights, then, without placing social responsibility at the forefront of everything that you do in business.

Corporate social responsibility extends beyond volunteering and into the realm of taking good care of your employees. Creating a positive work-environment is just one way that you can signal to your clients and your employees that you care about more than just the bottom-line. Office Innovations has done thousands of installations and can help you create a workspace that tells potential clients and employees that you care. Contact us today for a consultation!

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