How to Create a Worry-Free Office Move

Everyone has either participated in or knows someone who has experienced an office move that was a horror story from the get-go. Even if you have moved your home several times, relocating a commercial space is much different. Many different factors go into the move as you have to satisfy many different people and situations. You also want to ensure that you have as little down time as possible. If you are considering an office move, ask the following questions when interviewing moving companies.

What Training and Certifications Do You Have?

Moving needs vary from company to company, depending on the type of equipment you have. Moving computers is much different than packing modular furniture. Make sure your moving company has personnel trained to pack sensitive equipment safely. Look for movers that belong to an industry organization such as the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), which emphasizes best practices and requires members to go through periodic training to remain current on safe moving procedures.

How Do You Transport Files?

Like most companies, you are probably storing more and more of your files in the cloud. However, not all files are digital. Some of those must be accessed frequently and must be securely transported. You can’t afford to have these files mixed up or misplaced or even lost.

What About Computers and Electronics?

Computers and electronics are some of the most sensitive items you will move. Make sure your mover details the specific process for protecting such equipment in a manner that will protect sensitive electronics from damage and problems. Disconnecting and reconnecting computers and electronics can also be problematic. Make sure you have a plan in place for dealing with this.

Donate Old Furniture

Instead of putting old furniture to the curb, look for organizations where you can donate unwanted pieces. Many charitable or non-profit groups will be more than willing to take the pieces off your hands ahead of time, giving you one less item to worry about.

Are you still worried about your office move? Office Innovations can help. We specialize in helping businesses seamlessly move their operations.

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