Designing an Inspiring Office

Studies show that most people don’t much like the physical environment where they have to work. An uncomfortable workplace is a major source of stress, and stress can lead to poor performance. How does one design an office where people are happy to spend hours of their day?

1. Arrange Desks to Maximize Space
People need privacy even in open-plan offices. At the same time, they need to be able to contact their colleagues with ease. A nice zone of privacy plus easy access to other workers increases morale and productivity.

2. Minimize Noise and Other Types of Pollution
Noise can be considered a form of pollution if it’s not wanted, and pollution adds to stress.

3. Is There A Good Amount of Natural Light?
Natural light literally brightens the mood of employees and banishes eye strain. It also cuts down on businesses energy bills since there is less reliance on artificial light.

4. Is Everything Clean and in Good Working Order?
Chairs, desks, and cabinets all need to be in good working order with drawers pulling out smoothly, doors closing as they should and chairs able to adjust according to an employees height and comfort level.

If a piece of furniture breaks it’s crucial to have it fixed as soon as possible. Broken furniture can be hazards to employees’ health.

When office furniture becomes dirty, a feeling of overall neglect might lower morale and productivity. Keeping things looking clean and fresh is good for business.

5. Everything Should Have a Place
Files and other hard copies should have a specific place to be stored and should be returned to that place when they are no longer needed.

6. Add Potted Plants
Potted plants improve the quality of the air in the office by adding oxygen and improving the humidity levels in spaces that are too dry because of air conditioning.

7. Set Aside an Area for Meetings
In an open-plan office, it’s a good idea to set a table in a quiet area for meetings. This keeps distractions at a minimum.

These ideas can help make the workplace efficient, organized and even fun. For more information on how to design an inspiring office, contact Office Innovations.

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