Eco-Friendly Products in Offices

Sustainability has become a part of everyday life, both at home and in the office. Especially where usable supplies are concerned, you may often feel like you are not making any headway and continue to create a lot of waste in your daily operations. You’re probably right in that regard as the average office worker creates 4.4 pounds of waste each day. However, most offices also create waste in other ways, such as how energy is used or what to do when it’s time for new equipment. Employ these easy tips to make your office more sustainable. 

Make Paper Recycling Easy

Place paper recycling bins in crucial areas such as near printers. Also place bins in central locations away from printers to encourage office staff to discard papers when finished with them. Place recycling bins for other materials near your paper bins and in the break room for other items such as recyclable plastics.

Recycle Equipment

When buying new equipment, ask your supplier about recycling possibilities. Instead of simply tossing products or allowing them to accumulate in the corner of an unused room, allowing your supplier to haul away the old materials, particularly electronics, is an excellent way for these items to be repurposed.

Stock Your Break Room With Real Dishware and Silverware

Not too long ago, offices used mostly real dishes and mugs. By using these items, which take only minutes to wash, you’ll not only be kinder to the environment, you’ll also save money on supplies. Disposables cost more money than you think.

Reduce Energy Usage

Are you using LED lights yet? These bulbs save a considerable amount of money over incandescent bulbs. Take inventory of the lighting in your office. Is brightness the same all over. If so, chances are you are over lighting your facility. Switch to bulbs with less wattage in areas that don’t require task lighting.

Want more sustainable ideas? Contact Office Innovations for ways to make your office environment sustainable. Our office design staff can help you find the most efficient ways to set up and run your office.

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