Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is something that every company should strive to nurture and keep intact. Few businesses, however, initiate practices that lead to more tasks accomplished during the workday. Managers are often quick to blame low production levels on their subordinates. The truth is that many factors contribute to the lack of motivation that leads to procrastination and outright laziness at work. Here are three major roadblocks to productivity of which managers and business owners should be aware.

1. The Degenerative Mood
There are only two types of moods that a person can have. The individual is either full of great ideas and thereby generative, or the person is burned out from the pressures of life and, hence, in a degenerative state. Employees who feel uninspired fail to reach their full potential at work and, thus, let productivity levels slide. All of the threatening in the world cannot get an employee out of his funk when he has reached rock-bottom in the mood department.

2. Poor Listening Skills
Creativity cannot flow unless all employees are heard. Managers cannot expect to have an environment in which all tasks are accomplished while running a dictatorship that does not value the opinions of subordinates. The company that understands the importance of listening is one that can reach its full potential of productivity.

3. A Bureaucratically Styled Office
Whoever says that fashion is not a significant factor in the office does not understand the human psyche. The mind is crafted in a manner that surroundings either contribute to or hinder productivity. Well-designed, cheerful spaces create optimism, which may lead to more tasks completed.

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