Employment Law when moving Offices: A few Things to Consider

A company that decides to relocate must be conscious of employment laws that regulate moving practices along with employee reactions to a company changing office locations.

Here are a few concepts that an employer should take note of before announcing its plans to move to another city.

Life outside of work is different for every employee

Some workers have children and, hence, require more accommodation for relocation. An employer should factor in the number of employees with children under the age of 16 when considering a timeline for relocation. It is best to announce moving plans sooner rather than later when small children are involved as enrolling kids in school is an additional step that parents must take.

Some employment contracts include mobility clauses

Mobility clauses often dictate the amount of time that employees have to relocate when the company decides to move its office to another town. Workers who fail to comply with such stipulations are in violation of their agreement and could face serious repercussions for their resistance.

A mobility clause may also provide for:

  • Relocation packages
  • Trial periods

Discrimination is an important factor to keep in mind

Relocation should not directly or indirectly adversely affect a single group of people. It is the employer’s duty to ensure that reasonable accommodations are offered so that every employee has equal opportunity to relocate. Such arrangements should especially take into account disabled workers. Accessibility and transportation are central factors that influence the decisions of many employees with disabilities.

Employees who refuse relocation have rights

An employer may have to pay an employee redundancy if the job capacity in which a worker operates will not be available at the new location.

Redundancy may also be required if the conditions of moving are unsuitable. Although recurring wages are beneficial, they are not offered to those employees who refuse to relocate with the company after receiving chances for fair accommodation.

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