Everyday Types of Office Space

If you’re in the market for new offices, knowing what type of space best suits your needs can save a lot of time when working with a commercial broker. A well-planned workspace is essential for employee satisfaction and overall productivity. Here are the most common types of office spaces.


Traditional office space comes in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, but one thing they have in common is they all offer everyone a quiet place in which to work. Classic layouts are ideal for financial services, law firms, and similar operations. For this type, you can expect private offices, open spaces for cubicles and a break room with minimal kitchen facilities. Traditional offices often have a printing room, conference room, and storage closets.


Space that is defined as creative can mean different things, including any kind of layout that is outside of the traditional layout. However, what it primarily means is an environment that promotes people working together. Functional and symbolic collaboration is fundamental. You’ll find fewer barriers, cubicles, and offices in these spaces. Typical characteristics include wood floors, high ceilings, large windows and wet pantries. Tech companies and many different types of media agencies favor this type of environment, although other types of businesses have begun to explore these options.


These are multiple space or suites within the same building that are rented to the same tenant. They can be on one floor or on multiple floors.


Coworking spaces have recently risen in popularity as they offer flexible lease terms and collaborative workspaces, often with an open layout. Small companies and startups search for affordable space are the primary types of businesses served by this type of office space. Coworking spaces offer networking and camaraderie as pluses but also have substantially less privacy.

Executive Suites

Suites are fully serviced workspaces with amenities that are similar to coworking spaces. Most may be sublet on flexible terms.

Are you unsure what type of office space is for you? Office Innovations can help through a variety of design and consulting services.

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