Finding the Right Office Table

An office table isn’t just an ordinary piece of furniture. It ultimately has to fit into your office space in a way that’s functional and practical. From color, shape, and size to surface texture and specific design features, there are many factors to consider while on the hunt for the right office table. Below you’ll find some tips to help you make a well-informed and confident decision.

What’s the Tone of Your Business?

Some companies get really creative with office tables in terms of themes, shapes, and other unique features. If you have a fun, relaxed, and casual business, for example, it’s perfectly fine to think out-of-the-box with office table designs. Some of the more unique office tables features include:

• Racetrack and boat-shaped tables
• V-legs
• Cube bases
• Glass-top or multi-colored surfaces

If your business is more traditional, however, you may prefer something in line with your existing decor. Even if you prefer a more contemporary office table, you can still make this particular piece of furniture more appealing and functional by mixing and matching finishes or going with a design that allows for different uses – e.g., a two-piece table that can be combined together for use as a conference table and pulled apart for smaller tables used for group projects.

Is a Customized Table Right for You?

If you have really unique office table requirements, consider a customized table instead. Going customized allows you to fine-tune your table design based on characteristics such as:

• Laminate finishes
• Sizes and shapes beyond what’s available with standard office tables
• Built-in tech features

How Do You Narrow Down Your Choice?

Once you have an idea of what shape, size, and design is right for your office, further narrow down your choice by checking out available selections from popular product lines, like the ones we install. Complementary pieces such as end tables, portable storage products, and comfy and supportive chairs can make your office table an even more welcome addition to your workspace!

If you need some assistance with installation, delivery, and assembly once you’ve determined what’s right for your needs and budget, Office Innovations is here to help. Our reconfiguration services are also worth considering if you need to fit your new office table into your existing space in a way that works with your other office furniture.

Contact us today to take advantage of our services.

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