The Future of Office Furniture

The need for quality office furniture is nothing new. Still, the various styles and innovations that play a part in what’s trendy, what’s functional, and what’s a smart, long-term investment do change over time. Right now, for instance, beautiful yet durable furniture that contributes to a healthy, productive workspace is in vogue. If you prefer to look ahead to what may be on the horizon, take a moment to consider what the future of office furniture may be like.

‘Smart’ Office Furniture

Spine pain, high blood pressure, and diabetes are some of the many health issues that could develop or become worse because of a sedentary lifestyle. One of the innovative ways to minimize long periods of sitting at work is the sit-to-stand desk or workstation. This particular design has been referred to as the “Fit-Bit for the office” since it can allow workers to be more mobile. This may translate to:

• Fewer missed days of work
• Increased productivity
• Lower turnover rates

3D Printing

You may have heard wonderful things about 3D printing being used to prototype parts or create customized medical devices; but could it soon be used to create more personalized office furniture? The short answer is, “not yet.” However, as 3D technology advances, it may be used to personalize everything from desk height and the arch on chairs to backrest shapes based on the specific measurements and preferences of employees. If successful, it could also eliminate the need for delivery.

Sleep Pods and Nap Rooms

Some larger companies are treating employees to some unique amenities, such as sleep pods. The basic concept is to give workers a comfy place to recharge to boost productivity and energy. Some companies are raising the bar even higher when it comes easing employee stress levels by providing:

• Sleep rooms
• Massage chairs
• Beds

What it could mean for the future of office furniture is a time when amenities and perks like this are commonplace, especially as firms look for more ways to make office life more appealing than telecommuting. So, shopping for workplace furniture may soon include finding the right accessories for your sleep areas.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for the future to make positive changes with workplace furniture selection or your overall layout. Even something as seemingly minor as rethinking how you use storage space can make a noticeable difference. And if you invest in furniture that’s highly adaptive, it can be easier to make updates or add new workstations, tables, or desks as designs and styles change.

Staying on top of trends and technology can be even less of a challenge when you use the expert at Office Innovations to advise you on the best solutions for your needs.

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