Give Your Workplace a Great Breakroom

The breakroom is an important part of your workplace, even though no work goes on there. A relaxing and comfortable breakroom is a must if you want your workplace to be productive. Here are some tips to create the best possible breakroom for your workers.

Make Sure It’s Separate From Your Office

The breakroom should be a separate from the office or other workspaces, not just an alcove in the corner of a large room. By selecting an area that is closed off from the rest of your workplace, you’ll encourage employees to go in there to relax.

Furniture Selection

Offer a variety of furniture, such as functional dining tables and chairs for eating in one area and comfortable upholstered lounge chairs and sofas in another section for those who want to use the breakroom to read, relax or simply chat with fellow employees. A counter with stools is also a good idea as are small tables with one or two chairs for those who prefer a bit of privacy.

Don’t Forget the Appliances

Many workers will brown bag their meals, but that doesn’t mean they should be expected to eat cold meals. At a minimum, provide a small microwave for heating food and if your budget allows for it, a small cooktop with burners is also a welcome sight. At the other end of the equation is the refrigerator. Make sure you have one with enough space to store everyone’s food. A sink where everyone can wash their containers, utensils, etc., is also a good touch. Having these facilities also aids in preparation and cleanup of small office parties, which can also boost morale.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Design plays a big part in making the space inviting. Choose cheerful colors and place unique artwork or photos on the walls, or even place notices like “Employee of the Month” awards in this area.

Office Innovations can provide help on designing and setting up your breakroom. One of our consultants can help you create a relaxing place that will fit the needs of your workplace.

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