Going Green For Office Relocation

An office relocation is a perfect time to make your new place of business more planet-friendly. Not only does going green have many benefits for the environment, it can also be a smart way to save money and create a workplace that’s more appealing to employees and clients alike. As you start crossing things off your relocation to-do list, consider the following ways you can make your new office space a bit greener.

Order ‘Green’ Supplies

Moving to a new office location means you’ll need some supplies. Do a little research and find suppliers that offer recycled items like paper, cups, and plates. Your green efforts can actually start with the moving process by using recycled boxes and low-plastic packing materials.

Purchase, Install and Set Up Office Equipment the Green Way

Does your relocation require some new office equipment? Check out companies that offer refurbished copiers, computers, and printers to get what you need. Such products are usually carefully inspected and restored before being made available for purchase. With existing equipment, save energy by:

• Setting equipment to sleep mode after 5-10 minutes of inactivity
• Linking workstations to a central power strip to make it easier to turn off lights at the end of the day
• Using laptops more than traditional PCs since laptops use less energy

Establish New Green Systems or Policies

As you get ready for the transition to your new office location, get some feedback from your employees about things that can be done to make your new office environment less wasteful. This can also be a good way to boost morale and make your employees feel like their input matters. You might consider steps such as:

• Setting up clearly labeled recycle bins
• Removing your new address from catalog lists
• Doing some “green training” to get all employees on the same page with your new policies and systems

Think Green with Your Office Furniture Selection

Look for furniture that’s made of durable, low-maintenance materials likely to last for many years.

It’s also worth pointing out that millennials, who will soon make up more than 50 percent of the workforce, tend to prefer to work in green business environments. If you have an office that’s clearly eco-friendly, you’ll be more likely to attract these workers. And that’s something that could help you see more green when it comes to revenue and profits.

Need a little help boosting the efficiency of your relocation? The team from Office Innovations is at your service. We can deliver, install, and set up any new furniture you may need. We also have storage options available should you need some more time to get things ready in your new location.

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