The Importance of Correct Office Furniture

The right office furniture is more important than you think. In fact, selecting the right office furniture is essential when designing a functional workplace. Chairs and other pieces that are uncomfortable can have a negative effect on a variety of aspects of your business. Here are points you should consider when selecting office furniture.


Sometimes employees will delay doing a task because the tools or information they need is not readily at hand. This can mean that your office furniture is not efficient. Look for pieces that can increase productivity. Specific items such as printers should be visible and readily available for workers who use them frequently. Handy storage for paper, pens and other items should also be within reach.

Pay Attention to Layout

The layout of your office shows how well you manage your organization. If office space isn’t divided into work zones or if employees have to walk in a roundabout way to get to another part of your operation, that shows your layout is inefficient. Modular furniture is a convenient solution in that you can rearrange pieces easily to fit your needs.


Comfortable workstations are essential. Look for ergonomic chairs that will minimize stress on the lower backs of your workers. Another trend is standing or moveable height desks where employees can change how they work in their cubicles to alleviate discomfort. Related to this factor is selecting office furniture that is sturdy and safe. Look for drawers and file cabinets with soft closures and rounded edges so workers don’t injure themselves in mishaps.

Employee Satisfaction

Part of a good office environment is making your office an attractive place to work on a variety of levels. When looking for new office furniture, get your employees involved in the process and ask for their input.

Putting Forth a Good Image

Attractive furniture is inviting and exhibits a good image to clients and others who visit your workplace.

Office Innovations can help you select the right furniture for your office. Contact us today about our design services.

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