Why It’s More Important than You Think to Keep the “Space” in “Office Space”

Just 30 percent of employees report being “engaged and inspired” by their work environment, according to a Gallup survey concerning the state of the American workplace. Stats like this emphasize the fact that smartly using physical space to inspire engagement, creativity, and productivity shouldn’t be an afterthought. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s more important than you may realize to keep the “space” in “office space.”

The Little Things Matter

Office workers tend to make a subconscious connection with the space around them, which can be either positive or negative. Too much clutter can be a distraction. On the other hand, subtle additions like strategically placed plants can contribute to a boost in productivity and the ability to concentrate and focus.

Employees Appreciate Empowering Environments

Keeping the “space” in “office space” isn’t just about minimizing clutter. It’s also about wisely using the spaces available to employees – including their desks. According to research conducted by university psychologists, office areas that are enriched with plants, artwork, and other personalized touches contribute to improved productivity.

The takeaway here? Be cautious about implementing a “bare desk” policy. It’s fine to have reasonable restrictions, but the ability to personalize workspaces can actually be beneficial and even empowering.

Wisely Used Space Reflects Well On Your Business

Lastly, by making the effort to use your office space in a way that’s meaningful to your employees while still good for your bottom line, you’ll be creating a space that reflects well on your business. As you make decisions about how to use your available space, consider:

• Your business goals and objectives
• How your spaces will be used
• The general flow of your office
• Creative ways to make your interior spaces comfortable, pleasing, and positive for everyone

If your existing office space is lacking a sensible order or clear plan, you may benefit from the reconfiguration services we offer at Office Innovations. Our team can help you develop a more appealing and strategic layout that’s right for your workplace environment. And if you decide to de-clutter or repurpose your office by removing unnecessary items, we also offer short-term and long-term storage options.

Contact us today to make the most of your available office space by taking advantage of our services and expertise.

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