Keep it Fresh: 5 Cool, Inexpensive things you can do for your Employees this Week!

Employee recognition is not something that managers give just to make their workers feel good. Various studies show that appreciation is a fundamental quality of life that fuels progress both in the workplace and at home. Employees who know that their efforts at work are valued and esteemed usually contribute more, which inevitably leads to better productivity throughout the day.

Appreciation, then, is a necessary element to progress in the workplace. Here are five ways that you can show your employees how much you value them today.

1. Thank your employees for the work they do

There is nothing quite like a “Thank You.”

Many times, employers go to great lengths to give their workers material possessions all while failing to verbally acknowledge the excellence that they bring to the table. Simply telling your employees that you are grateful for their hard work is often times all that they need to persevere and endure challenges throughout the day.

2. Give them unexpected time off

Imagine closing the business the day before and after Thanksgiving just to show your workers how much you appreciate their dedication. Many big corporations have done it and found that employees return to the job well-rested and ready to give more than 100 percent to employers who acknowledge their need to take a break.

Consider giving your workers a three-day weekend or closing the office early on a Friday once in a while.

3. Buy art, flowers, or some snacks for the office

It is no secret that culture contributes to productivity.

Did you also know, though, that art in the workplace also signals a sense of care and appreciation? Consider also adding a few plants here and there and give your employees snacks for a better environment.


4. Do your next staff meeting as a walk in the sunshine

The great outdoors make everything better. Increased stress levels and low morale can be cured with an office meeting outside.

5. Get a gag trophy that gets handed off to someone who does something special for you

Trinkets go far in the workplace. There is nothing wrong with having a trophy that gets passed around every week from employee to employee as they recognize each other for going the extra mile. Such activity boosts morale and inspires workers to work harder and more efficiently with one another throughout the day.

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