Looking Ahead: How Office Design Will Grow in 2020

It’s time to look into our collective crystal balls with the hope of getting a clearer picture of what office design trends will be big in 2020. Some of the overriding trends with interior design, in general, include a combination of retro ’70s sparkle with ’80s luxury and softness and today’s ecological awareness. But what can you expect that’s more specific to office design in the coming year?

Greener, More Sustainable Elements

The green concept with office design will be even bigger in 2020 and include a mix of natural elements with newer materials created with alternative technologies or recycled materials. Natural substances such as seagrass, bamboo, and even corn are already being used to create modern furniture and decor. Related trends with natural/Earth-friendly materials include:

• Flooring materials, like cork, with natural characteristics
• Handwoven carpets
• Furniture with clear-lined metal frames that offer durability and a minimalist look

Recycling Transformation

Many businesses are already actively looking for ways to showcase their social consciousness in their office design elements. One way to do this in 2020 is to look for ways to use items made from recycled materials. And when this isn’t possible, the next best thing is to go with locally manufactured items.

Fitness Features

Many of today’s workers, especially millennials, are striving for a healthier, more dynamic lifestyle. This explains why one of the office design trends that will grow in 2020 is the integration of fitness items into the traditional work environment.

Leisure Time Furniture Elements

This is a home design trend that has been increasingly applied to the office. It just means giving employees some spaces where they can relax and refresh. Ultimately, it’s something that can contribute to increased productivity.

Functional, Linear Storage

From extra supplies to conferencing equipment, there’s always something that needs to be stored in an office environment. The growing trend with storage is to find creative ways to stash stuff in your office in a way that’s more discrete. You might do this with:

• Desks with added storage features
• Stands or bookcases with “hidden” drawers
• Closets or storage cabinets that blend in with the walls

You don’t have to stretch your budget to explore some of the trends discussed here for your office design in 2020. But what you can do is turn to the Office Innovations team for any help you may need with the delivery and installation of new selections you might opt to invest in as you update your office. This is something you can do in stages based on what’s right for your business and budget.

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