Medium Density Fiberboards vs Particle Boards

Wood is the dream of many business owners when it comes to purchasing office furniture. The cost of wood, however, sometimes exceeds budget limits. Small business owners grappling with the option of either spending more money on wood or going without furniture need not be in a dilemma any further. MDF and particle board come from wood and offer cheaper choices.

What is MDF?

The acronym, MDF stands for medium density fiberboard. Carpenters often chip pieces from tree bark and turn them into a pulp that later goes through the composite manufacturing process. Wood fibers are also used to create MDF material. The product relies on hot pressing to provide a sturdy surface.

One of the main advantages of MDF is its cost efficiency. Small business owners can purchase the material for a fraction of the cost they would pay or wood. MDF also provides a smooth surface that makes for great desks and stands.

A significant disadvantage of the product is its absorbent properties that take in paint and swells when wet. MDF must be sealed properly to prevent such absorbing and damage.

What is Particle Board?

Particle board is another cheaper and lighter alternative to wood. The material originated during World War II and originally consisted of debris collected from factory floors. It is now possible to purchase different grades of particle board offering various levels of strength.

Such option is something to consider for entrepreneurs who are looking for longevity in furniture. Cheaper versions of particle board tend to sink with time, which could pose health hazards in the work sphere. On the positive side, particle board is less expensive than wood, MDF, and plywood. The material, like its MDF counterpart, also provides a smooth surface that quickly absorbs adhesives such as glue.

In Conclusion

Both MDF and particle board come with several advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, selecting the right material for office furniture depends on the needs and wants of business owners.

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