How Modern Office Design Can Attract and Retain the Best People

The “best” people in most businesses today are individuals motivated by more than just a paycheck. If you want to attract and retain first-rate employees likely to stick around, you’ll also need to have a modern office design that’s in line with what matters most to today’s workforce. Still not convinced? Take a moment to consider the ways a modern office design can help you attract and retain the best people.

Making Your Workplace More Adaptable

A modern office design allows for more flexibility in the workplace. This is especially important today since multiple generations often work together in the same space. Employees appreciate the ability to work where they want – within reason – and break away from the confines of designated work areas. An agile, adaptable workplace has features that include:

• Workstations divided into zones to serve different needs
• Social break spaces
• “Privacy pads” that are soundproof
• IT servers that allow workers to perform some of their tasks remotely

Supporting Workers’ Well-Being

Today’s workers prefer workspaces that take their physical and mental well-being into consideration. There’s even evidence suggesting productivity and staff morale increases when a workplace has a modern office design. One option is what’s known as biophilic design. Basically, this means bringing more natural light into interior workspaces and strategically placing plants to bring some of the outside indoors. A well-being-focused workspace is one that includes the following features:

• Ergonomically designed workstations/chairs
• Sofas, armchairs, and other “home-like” pieces
• A mix of social and private spaces
• Access to as much natural light as possible
• On-site wellness features like a gym

Encouraging Social Sharing

Sharable doesn’t just refer to office intermingling. A modern office design also includes interesting decor that’s bright and vibrant. In other words, the kind of space that would inspire clients or employees to snap a few pics for social media posting – which is also a good way to boost your brand’s visibility! Some businesses are achieving this goal with playful wall art that’s purposely designed to encourage such actions. Key features of a shareable workspace include:

• Prominent artwork displays
• Sculptures, “living walls,” and other bold features
• Bespoke backdrops
• Colorful interiors
• Digital wallpaper

Need some help creating a layout that’s modern and inviting? Let our reconfiguration experts lend a hand so you can improve on what you already have. If you opt for new workstations, chairs, cubicles, and other modern pieces, the Office Innovations team will also take care of delivery and installation.

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