Modular Office Partitions

Modular office partitions are a great way to save space, increase productivity, and implement eco-friendly designs in the workplace. These options come in various materials and sizes, which makes for endless configuration potential.

Why Modular Partitions?

The time that it takes to create privacy using an additional wall is up to 75 times more than that of modular partition installation. Companies can section off various sections of open space within a matter of hours, not days when they take advantage of portable walls.

Modular partitions also increase productivity by isolating workers so they can focus on the tasks of the day. Some walls even have noise-canceling technology so one employee cannot hear their neighboring co-worker’s conversation. Reduced distractions inevitably lead to more work completed during office hours.

Modular partitions are eco-friendly since they are typically made of reusable material. Companies can also re-purpose these walls when the workplace environment changes. It is not possible to re-purpose permanent walls outside of redecorating around them.

Types of Modular Partitions

There are essentially two types of modular partitions: portable partitions and built-in partitions. Portable partitions can be moved relatively quickly since wheels often support them or they have folding panels. These type of barriers are designed to take up a minimal amount of space when folded.

Another type of modular partition is built into the workspace. These walls are either mounted to the wall and take on a shape of an accordion for easy storage. Built-in partitions are the best option for companies confident that the scope of the office will not radically change in coming years. Startup businesses may find portable partitions a better option.

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