Moving Office Cubicles

Configuring your office space into a cubicle environment seems to be a simple thing, yet moving those cubicles to a new location often is not. Your cubicles should be moved with special care, which means meticulous disassembly, packing, and reassembly to protect your investment. Mixing up or losing modular parts can mean additional downtime and loss of productivity in your new location. Every moving company may not be prepared for the task. When selecting a commercial mover, make sure that the company has a specific procedure for moving cubicle components. Here are some things to look for when choosing cubicle movers.


Often necessary when moving to a new location, even if it is in the same building, reconfiguration is almost always necessary as no two spaces are exactly alike. Make sure that your mover knows the manufacturer, model, and version of your modular cubicle system so that installation specifications can be viewed and reviewed as necessary. In addition, panels often come with electrical outlets. Consult and use electricians for proper electrical disconnection and connections to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Work From a Blueprint

One of the ways to ensure that your cubicles are set up properly is to work from a blueprint developed before you get to your new location. By pre-planning you will minimize disruptions. Obtain measurements of the areas where cubicle will be located to determine how many cubicles can go in the space and whether any reconfiguration is needed. When reconfiguration is necessary, additional parts may be required. Knowing this ahead of time will allow quicker set-up at your new destination.

Skilled Workers Needed

Not only should your moving company have a plan, make sure that its workers are familiar with the type of cubicles your office has. Every modular system has different requirements, meaning your move will not be a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Office Innovations has planners and teams experienced in moving all types of office cubicles. Contact us for more information.

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