Multiple Weapons Storage Solutions

Unique considerations need to be kept in mind when storing weapons and related accessories. Of course, weapons storage products need to be durable and secure, but they also have to be versatile enough to work within your available space. This is where Office Innovations comes in. Take a moment to learn what weapons storage products we offer. No matter what selections you make, we’ll make the delivery and installation process quick, easy, and affordable.

Multiple Weapons Storage Solutions

Whether you prefer to create a separate weapons storage room or have a storage system in a more multi-functional area, we have everything you’ll need to put together a customized weapons or military storage solution that’s right for you. Our systems and storage options come with features and accessories that include: 

• Interior shelving

• Inside drawers

• Durable security doors

• Handgun brackets

• Plastic totes brackets (for general storage purposes)

• Sloped stock shelves

Premium-Quality Riffle Accessories

Rifles need to be stored in a way that allows for optimal security and safety at all times. Our skilled installers can set up storage accessories to achieve this goal in a way that still allows for convenient accessibility. We sell and install the following riffle-related components and accessories: 

• Barrel holders: Our barrel holders are available in various depths and weapons capacities. Use them with our stock saddles.

• Stock saddles: Compatible with our barrel holders, our stock saddles are designed to hold single-stock or multiple long-gun stocks in varying capacities.

• Sloped bottom shelves: These shelves can be installed with convenient sloped bottom shelf stops.

• Stock sloped shelves: Designed to fit stocks of all types, these shelves are perfect for larger weapons. They hold either single weapon stocks or multiple weapons in various capacities.

Durable Handgun Accessories

Office Innovations handgun accessories are also designed with maximum durability, flexibility, and usability in mind. Special accessories we offer for handgun storage purposes include: 

• Handgun brackets: We install handgun brackets that can be used to store single handguns or banks of handguns in various capacities. Compartments to store clips are also available.

• Handgun brackets with clip compartments: These brackets make it easier to firmly secure stored handguns.

• Horizontal brackets: This is an excellent choice if you need to store 2-3 weapons or optics horizontally.

• Plastic tote bracket and clip: With this accessory, you’ll be able to mount your tote to the back panel.

• Steel storage boxes: Ammunition, optics, and other small items can be stored in these durable containers.

• Weapons back panel: Available in different heights and widths, our weapons back panels are perfect for any customized weapons system. The keyhole slots are for brackets and accessories.

Interchangeable Components for Even More Customization

A well-planned weapons storage system is one that’s capable of handling multiple types of firearms and ammunition. And that’s exactly what you’ll get thanks to our interchangeable components. The components we offer can be used to store all types of weapons, including: 

• Revolvers and pistols

• Automatic and semi-automatic rifles

• Standard and tactical shotguns

• Sub-machine guns

• Crew-served weapons

• Attachable weapons

After you select your preferred weapons storage units from Office Innovations, your interior layout may need some adjusting. If this is the case, take advantage of our reconfiguration services. We also provide office asset management and inventory services to help you figure out what you already have so you can make smart, well-informed purchases.

Let Office Innovations take care of all your commercial furniture and storage solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality weapons storage products and services!

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