Need a New Reception Desk? Consider These Factors First

One of the places in your office where important initial impressions are often made is your reception area. And one of the biggest pieces of furniture in this space is the desk. In fact, it’s usually the focal point of an area that’s peppered with chairs and other complementary furniture. If you happen to be on the hunt for a new reception desk, here are some factors to consider first.

Desk Shape

The first factor to consider is the desk shape that’s right for your reception area. Generally, there are three basic desk shapes to consider as you determine what type of reception desk is right for your office:

Curved: A curved desk creates a minimalist look. This is a good choice if you want to create a more open feel in your reception area. But it could be limiting if your reception staff needs space to work.

L-shaped: This option is created by placing two desks together at a 90-degree angle to form a single unit. It will still provide a more low-key appearance, but it also offers more desk area to work on – and convenient storage options.

U-shaped: Offering plenty of surface area on both sides, a u-shaped desk is worth considering if you have multiple reception staff members who will be handling different tasks at the same time.

Available Space

Measure your reception area to make sure you are getting a new desk that will actually work well within your available space. A curved desk, for instance, could end up coming off like a child’s play area if your reception space is fairly large. Conversely, a u-shaped desk could make a smaller reception area feel cramped. Ideally, you want to leave plenty of room for movement and a steady flow of traffic.

Customer Experience

Also consider the nature of your business and how you serve customers. If your receptionist will basically act as a concierge, for instance, you may do well with a standing desk that keeps things minimal and efficient. But if you have a business where you’ll need to process payments and handle similar tasks, a larger desk with more space will allow you to efficiently keep your customers happy.


When investing in a new reception desk think about possible materials. Laminate, for example, is a popular choice since it’s budget-friendly, resistant to scratches, and easy to clean. Wood veneer will give you a richer look if aesthetics are important to you, but this material tends to scratch easier. Other options with materials include:

• Sleek metal desks
• Glass-top desks
• Material mixes – e.g., tempered glass on top of a wood or metal desk

Do some brainstorming to determine what style is right for your office. Once you’ve found the ideal reception desk option for your office, the Office Innovations team can deliver it and get it set up as per your preferences. We also perform warranty repairs on any product lines we install and offer temporary storage options in case you need to keep some surplus office furniture off-site.

Contact us today to learn more about the innovative office products we install and our other available services.

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