Nine Ways To Win Customer Loyalty

“Going the extra mile” is a common phrase often used to connote superior customer service. The culture of doing more in a business setting should occur all the time, not just occasionally if a company believes that customers come first. Here are nine ways that you can achieve that extra mile and win customer loyalty.

1. Going Above and Beyond

You not only want to meet customer needs but exceed them. Even small gestures, like helping customers with packages, can work to build loyalty, especially when they are unexpected.

2. Extras

A free product or service is a great way to reinforce a business relationship. You don’t have to incur big costs, either. Everyone loves receiving a freebie.

3. Find Customer Needs

Address immediate needs, challenges or problems that customers may have. Helping your customers when they least expect it can make their day. Sometimes you have to anticipate their needs before they even realize that they have a problem. Looking at the world through their eyes will give you ideas.

4. Correct Mistakes, Then Make it Better

Everyone makes mistakes, but when you admit them and make additional reparations, those mistakes will be forgotten.

5. Take a Personal Interest

Learning a little about your customers, what they like, what makes them tick, facts about their family goes beyond small talk. It makes them feel like you care about them as human beings. Leaving a personal note when you know you’ll be out of the office is a great way to keep the connection going.

6. Respect

If customers feel you lack respect in dealing with them, they’ll be less likely to even talk to you or give you repeat business. Showing respect is paramount to a long-term relationship, no matter what the transaction.

7. Ask for Feedback

Requesting suggestions from your customers shows that you care about your opinions and want to improve your service to them.

8. Keep Them Informed

On the whole, people don’t like change, so if you’re going to change something about your business practices, let them know ahead of time. They’ll appreciate it.

9. Remember to Say Thanks

No matter how small the transaction, it’s an imperative phrase.

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