Office Design Trends That Will Make Your Employees Happy

Employers are always going to expect employees to be productive. What has changed, however, is the way workplaces are designed to encourage the productivity that’s desired. The modern office is set up in a way that creates a pleasant, comfortable environment while also encouraging productivity and interaction. If you’re looking to make this type of office design upgrade, here are the trends to consider if you want happy employees.

The ‘Flexible’ Office

An office that’s “flexible” is one where the furniture can be moved around and adjusted to meet different employee needs throughout the workday. It’s also a space peppered with comfortable areas that might include lounges and sofas. This type of office design might also include:

• Soundproofed meeting rooms
• Quiet corners for employees to focus on tasks
• Open spaces to allow for freedom of movement
• Comfortable seating areas
• Recreational areas where employees can recharge

Collaborative Furniture

In today’s modern office, employees tend to prefer to be able to quickly get together to brainstorm or work on a project. Collaborative workspace furniture that allows for this type of engagement to happen could include:

• Freestanding media units to allow employees to connect their devices as they collaborate
• Large meeting desks
• Multi-piece seating to allow for comfortable spaces for 2-3 people to work together

Technology can play a role in encouraging collaborations as well by allowing for more freedom of movement. This is why more offices are going with portable laptops and tablet computers instead of standard desktop PCs.

Biophilic Office Design

This is the concept of bringing the outside inside in an office environment. The reason for creating a natural world in the office is to reduce stress and create a calm, relaxed workspace. Natural design elements related to this trend include:

• Large windows to allow for an abundance of natural light
• Organic colors and patterns
• Plants and other natural accessories

Modernizing your office to make your employees happy may mean making adjustments to your existing layout. If you need some suggestions, the Office Innovations team can help. We offer reconfiguration services you’re welcome to take advantage of to make your newly changed office work well for your company. With new items you wish to add to your office, we’ll take care of delivery, installation, and assembly.

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