Office Furniture Colors

Designing your office consists of more than purchasing furniture and painting the walls. Every color combination should speak of your business. Here are a few things to consider when determining the right design scheme for your company.

The Visual Impact

Do you have a company theme that is all about exuberance? You may want to invest in colors that jump off the walls and into the minds of the beholders. Neon colors make the greatest impression, but they do not fit every design scheme and company motto. Pastel colors, on the other hand, are not as vibrant but make a significant impact.

You should always select colors that are in sync with your furniture. Using the contrast rule is the better option when determining the style of your office’s layout. You should match bright pieces with paint that is darker. Also, consider offsetting neon colors with chestnut and mahogany type of shades.

Creating the Right Ambiance

Much of pigmentation selection has to do with the atmosphere that you hope to create. You do not want to paint the walls with ebony colors in an office meant to be airy and well-lit. In the same sense, you do not want to combine walnut wood with neon colors in a room intended to bolster a more formal environment. Selecting the right shades is, therefore, vital to the ambiance that you are hoping to show off when customers arrive.

Popular Color Choices 

Mahogany is the best choice when you want to show off your refined taste with a classic appeal that will never go out of style. Those who want to convey their success and expertise through decorum may want to look into Cherry wood. Rosewood furniture gives off the Old World charm that many business owners cherish.

Office Innovations, Inc., has helped dozens of business owners find color schemes that best represent their organization. Let us help you too!

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